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The Launch Hive

The Launch Hive

Where the best upcoming crypto projects hatch

At The Launch Hive we specialise in early stage investments in cryptocurrency assets and blockchain projects. We give our community access to the cheaper prices of private rounds, starting with just $300.

Supported chains

We Make Private Sale Investments Possible For Our Members

Allowing you to invest early-stage and way before the general public gets access. With The Launch Hive we invest on the same terms as big VCs and whales do. This Is Where Real Gains Are Made!

Our Team Does The Heavy Lifting For You

We only pick the best upcoming crypto projects. After we’re happy, we announce projects in our Discord for the community to investigate. Each member decides for themselves if they want to invest in a project. That’s all you have to do.

Newest exclusive deals


Unilab is built to solve the cross-cutting concerns across the life-cycle of smart contract development, deployment & management for everyone.


Enrex will make crypto green. It's a DeFi gateway to multi-billion dollar carbon allowances and renewable energy certificates markets.

Cronos World

First all-in-one platform on the Cronos chain. Cronos World is your one-stop destination for everything Cronos offers. Launchpad, NFT Marketplace and DEX in one place.

Benefits of The Launch Hive

Newest Trends

Spot the hottest upcoming crypto projects early on.

Early Access

Get early-stage access to projects usually only reserved for VC’s.

No more whitelisting

Invest ahead of the herd; even before over crowded white-list stages.

Flexible investments

Start investing in private rounds with just $300.

Only high quality projects make it to the hive

100% Data driven: We use data from over 1000+ crypto projects to spot the hottest trends and upcoming projects.

Experience: Our team has done over 20+ successful early-stage crypto investments and counting.

Safe: No anonymity here, we are Dutch + Singapore based and you can chat with us like friends, on a first name basis.

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Joining our community is free of charge. We only expect you to contribute by doing your own research and sharing it with the community. 

Participating is quite easy. As soon as we have the allocation, we’ll create a safe, private environment where you can participate using MetaMask in DAI, USDT and/or USDC. This page has been developed, tested and audited by our partner. 

You’ll receive your tokens based on the vesting schedule of the project you’ve invested in. This information will always be available before you make the investment.

You can start investing in private round from $300. Get discounts as if you are a whale but only invest what YOU can afford. 

Please visit our discord channel to get started, read our FAQ there and if you still have a question; our team is 24/7 available to help you out. 

become an early stage investor now!

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